CoalMiner Training Requirements
Training Requirements For Surface and  Underground Coal Miners in Kentucky,
  Links To Other State Mining Agencies
Surface Coal Training Requirements
Underground Coal Training Requirements
24 Hour MSHA Approved Training By Approved  Instructor
40 Hour MSHA Approved Training By Approved Instructor
Pass State Given Test/Get Temporary Miners Card
Get 8 Hours Mine Specific Training For That Mine/Work 45 Days In The Mines /Then Get Permanent Card
Pass State Given Test/Get Temporary Miners Card
Get 8 Hour Mine Specific Training For That Mine/Work 45 Days In The Mines /Then Get Permanent Card
Experienced Miners Must Recieve 8 Hours Annual Refresher Training. No refresher training within two years of last training then you must take the 24 hour course again & pass State Test. Experienced Miners Must Recieve 16 Hours Annual Refresher Training. No refresher training within two years of last training then you must take the 40 hour course again & pass State Test.
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State Mining Agencies Compiled by U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration
Alabama . . . .
Alaska . . . .
Arizona . . . .
  • Arizona State Mine Inspector On-Line
    Links to Arizona State Mine Inspection Team (health and safety inspections at all active mines; investigate fatal or other serious mine-related accidents as well as complaints from employees or concerned citizens), Abandoned and Inactive Mine (AIM) Survey, Education and Training Division, Mined Land Reclamation Division, and Agency Operations and Special Projects.

  • Arizona Department of Mines & Mineral Resources
    Non-regulatory State agency that aids in the promotion and development of mineral resources.
Arkansas . . . .
California . . . .
  • The California Resources Agency
    is responsible for the conservation, enhancement, and management of California's natural and cultural resources, including land, water, wildlife, parks, minerals, and historic sites. The Agency is composed of departments, boards, conservancies, commissions, and programs.

  • Department of Conservation Minerals & Mining
    They produce mineral classification maps to help local governments with land-use planning decisions. These maps enable local governments to assess locations for future development with a full understanding of where valuable mineral resources exist. At the same time, we work to ensure mined lands are reclaimed and returned to usable condition after mining operations cease.

  • Division of Occupational Safety & Health
    The Division is charged with the jurisdiction and supervision over workplaces in California that are not under Federal jurisdiction. The Division enforces the laws and regulations governing the protection of the life, safety and health of every employee in California places of employment. Contact information is as follows:

      Mr. Stephen C. Hart, Principal Engineer
      CalOSHA-Mining and Tunneling Unit
      Region V Office
      1367 E. Lassen Avenue, Suite B-4
      Chico, CA 95973

      (530) 895-6938 Telephone
      (530) 895-6941 Fax

Colorado . . . .
Illinois . . . .
Kentucky . . . .
  • Department of Mines and Minerals
    Links to Lexington Main Office, Division of Training and Education, Division of Mine Licensing, Mine Map Information Center, Division of Explosives and Blasting, Division of Oil and Gas, District Offices, 1996 Annual Report, 1997 Annual Report.
Louisiana . . . .
  • Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, Office of Conservation, Injection and Mining Division, Surface Mining Section
    Regulates the mining of coal and lignite. Ensure that coal mines are operated in a manner that protects citizens and the environment during mining and assures that the land is restored to beneficial use following mining, mitigate the effects of past mining.
Maryland . . . .
Minnesota . . . .
  • Iron Range Resources & Rehabilitation Board
    Mining Programs designed to provide incentives for the exploration of minerals besides iron, and other initiatives to enhance the taconite industry and to reclaim abandoned mine lands. Links to: Available Programs (Drilling Incentive Grant Program, Taconite Economic Development Fund Program, Producer Grant Program, Governor's Task Force on Mining and Minerals, Mine land Reclamation), Exploration for Non-ferrous Minerals, MExA - (MN Exploration Association), The Minnesota Prospector, Iron Mining Association of MN, Natural Resources Research Institute Center for Applied Research and Technology Development, Minnesota Geological Survey, DNR Minerals, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.
Mississippi . . . .
Montana . . . .
Nevada . . . .
  • Commission on Mineral Resources, Division of Minerals
    Links to extensive mining pages and Mine Safety and Training Sections. Also, links to various topics that include: Abandoned Mine Lands, Environment, Mineral Education, Mining Fraud and Mining Investment, Oil, Gas, and Geothermal, Press Releases, Publications (Division), Reclamation Bond Pool Regulation, Map of Nevada Major Mines, Oil Fields and Geothermal Plants.

  • Nevada Bureau of Mines
    The Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology (NBMG) is a research and public service unit of the University of Nevada and is the state geological survey. NBMG is part of the Mackay School of Mines at the University of Nevada, Reno. NBMG scientists conduct research and publish reports on mineral resources, engineering geology, environmental geology, hydro geology, and geologic mapping.
New Mexico . . . .
  • Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department, Mining and Minerals Division
    Regulates coal and hard rock mines, reclaims abandoned mine lands and encourages economic development through mining. Links to Office of the Director, Coal Mine Reclamation Bureau, Abandoned Mine Land Bureau, Mining Act Reclamation Bureau, Minerals and Policy Program. Plus organization chart with names and telephone numbers.
North Carolina . . . .
North Dakota . . . .
  • Land Department
    Links to Minerals Management Division (issues coal leases, monitors the mining activity and works with the Surface Division to ensure development on state land proceeds in an environmentally sound manner) and Surface Management Division (processes easements for pipelines, electrical transmission lines, county roads and highways, leases for gravel and aggregate mining, and manages acquired properties for other agencies).

  • Geologic Survey
    With links to pages on the following mineral resources:
    Cement Rock, Clay, Coal, Oil and Gas, Salt, Sand and Gravel, Uranium,
    Volcanic Ash
Ohio . . . .
  • Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Mineral Resources Mangement
    Links to Coal Mining (History of Coal Mining, Regulation of Coal Mining, Facts on Coal, Coal Regulatory Program), Industrial Minerals Mining (History of Industrial Minerals, Regulation of Industrial Minerals, Industrial Minerals Regulatory Programs), Mine Safety (Mine Safety Program, Underground Mine Safety, Surface Mine Safety), and Abandoned Mines.
Oregon . . . .
  • Department of Geology and Mineral Industries - Mined Land Reclamation Program
    Issues permits for all extraction, processing, and reclamation for minerals. A permit is required for any mine where more than 5,000 cubic yards of material are removed or where mining affects more than one acre of land within a twelve month period.
Pennsylvania . . . .
  • Department of Environmental Protection, Mining and Mineral Resources
    Links to Abandoned Mine Reclamation, Deep Mine Safety (with links to Training Resources, Safe Worker Search, Mine Safety Jeopardy,Web Site Map, Calendar of Events, The Guest Book, Mine Safety Discussion, Our Weekly Reports), District Mining Operations (names and addresses), Mining and Reclamation, and Oil and Gas Management.

  • Pennsylvania Topographic & Geologic Survey
    The 1997 edition of the Directory of the Nonfuel-mineral Producers in Pennsylvania provides detailed information about the rocks being mined in Pennsylvania, the products being obtained from these rocks, and the companies that obtain them. The majority of the 695 operations listed in the Directory are sources of construction aggregate, such as crushed stone, sand, and gravel, and borrow-and-fill material. Also includes information on agricultural minerals, dimension stone, high-quality carbonate rocks, topsoil, and many specialized rock products.
South Dakota . . . .
  • Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Minerals and Mining
    Links to What We Do for You, What Requires a Permit, What Type of Activities Do Not Require a Permit, Who issues Permits, What are the Laws and Regulations that Apply to Mineral, Operations Staff of Minerals and Mining Program, History of Mining Regulation in South Dakota, 1997 Mineral and Mining Summary, 1996 Mineral and Mining Summary, 1995 Mineral and Mining Summary, Inactive and Abandoned Mines, Links to Related Web Sites and Publications, South Dakota Gold Mining: Regulations, Compliance, and Environmental History.
Texas . . . .
  • Railroad Commission, Surface Mining and Reclamation Division
    Links to About the Surface Mining and Reclamation Division, Who to Contact, Coal / Lignite, Uranium, Iron Ore Regulatory Programs, Abandoned Mine Lands Reclamation Program, Aggregate Quarry and Pit Safety Act.

  • Bureau of Economic Geology
    Research in advanced geotechnology; oil and gas discovery and recovery optimization; geophysics; environmental, waste-disposal, and hydro geologic studies; coastal processes; and coal and mineral resources.
Utah . . . .
Virginia . . . .
  • Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy
    The Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy administers safety and reclamation regulatory programs for coal, gas and oil and metal/non-metal mineral extraction activities, provides mineral research and offers advice on wise use of resources. Its programs directly serve miners and mine operators, citizens who live near mining operations, mining labor groups other regulatory agencies, the educational community, the mineral industry, and environmental, consumer and industry special-interest groups.
Washington . . . .
  • Department of Natural Resources
    Division of Geology and Earth Resources
    Links to surface mine reclamation. (Lists Metallic minerals, Industrial minerals, Construction aggregates, and Coal under Resources, but does not have links.)
West Virginia . . . .
  • West Virginia Office of Miners' Health Safety and Training
    Links to abstracts of recent fatal mining accidents, abstracts of serious accidents (under development), Miner Certification Examination Schedules, Where to Take Miner Certification Classes (under development), West Virginia Mining Statistics (Production and Injury Data), Frequently Asked Questions, Agency Informational Updates, Mining in West Virginia: A Capsule History, Publications Information, Mine Rescue Contest Schedule, Interesting Mining Related Sites, WV MHS&T forms (under development), and a Photo Gallery (under development).
Wyoming . . . .